Friday, 8 February 2013

Our Week

Its been a fantastic week. We have been sticking to our schedule and it has had great results.
 Soft play.

Spotting signs of spring.
The children have been riding dragons
and we have visited two different libraries!
Tabitha has been practising her letter formation by writing in flour
and she has even been making letters out of banana skins!
We had a letter hunt...

 ...and a very exciting science experiment, investigating whether objects sink or float in water.
We have painted,
done some junk modelling 
 and a sewing project. (A Ruby wedding gift for Nana and Grandad.)
 In History we have started studying the Georgians
 and enjoyed the opportunity to dress up, in Georgian style!
We had great fun at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. (Picture taken in the Sports Gallery.)
Here we are filling up our "Wormworld" with layers of soil, sand and eight worms which Daddy dug up from the garden.  It is now sitting on our kitchen window sill for us to observe.


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