Saturday, 19 September 2015

Teeth Unit Study

Motivated by a recent dental check up, we decided to do a Science unit on teeth.
We found out the names of all our teeth and the different functions that they have.

The children then made a collage of the different layers inside a tooth.

To find out the effects that different drinks have upon our teeth we carried out an experiment in which the children put white duck eggs (to represent teeth) into glasses with the drinks.

 The results below show what had happened to the eggs after being left in the drinks for 24 hours. From left to right the drinks were Orange juice, Coke, Ribena, milk and water.

We read some interesting books that explained what causes tooth decay and the children
wrote up, in their own words, some of the information they had found out.

They drew and collaged pictures of foods that are good for our teeth and foods that are bad.

Every month we attend a Science group where we share what we have been working on. For this we made a display board of our work and demonstrated our egg experiment.

To extend the experiment, the children measured out the sugar content in each of the drinks.

The results were rather shocking and have inspired the children to make more healthy drink choices. 

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