Friday, 15 February 2013

Our Week

Our Bible play this week was the story of King Solomon making the wise decision about the baby in
1 Kings Chapter 3.
This week some of our educational activities have been spelling games,
writing letters
(with a royal stamp of approval) 
and large scale drawing on rolls of paper on the kitchen table.
Tabitha's town.
Nathanael's town.
To tie in with our current project on Houses, we carried out a scientific investigation to find the strongest way to build brick buildings. We tried building two different bonds (patterns of building the bricks) with Duplo and then threw a ball at each wall in turn. 
We discovered that buildings with overlapping bricks were much stronger than ones with bricks placed on top of each other without an overlap.
In History this week the children studied the Battle of Culloden.
Tabitha dressed as a Scottish Highlander.
 We created a playdoh cake shop
and baked some real biscuits on baking day.

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