Friday, 1 February 2013

Our Week

Our week started with some early morning piano lessons, 
and the building of a Duplo Viking Longship. 
We have played lots of games and puzzles.
A new favourite is 'Story Cubes'.
You roll the dice and have to tell a story that incorporates the pictures on the dice. 
Tabitha's favourite 'Tummy Ache!'
Phonics and reading activities have included...
We have had fun weighing with scales.

Nathanael's first attempt at joined up handwriting.

 This week in History, the children have studied Queen Anne's reign, the Act of Union and the Duke of Marlborough's victory over the French at Blenheim.
 We are learning German on the laptop with 'Rosetta Stone'

 and we made some 'Snap Circuits.' Very exciting!
We have dressed up
and baked biscuits.
Postal Bible school came through the post, they were very excited!  They love to collect the post each day and are delighted when there are letters and parcels (from Amazon) for them.
Abigail and I had to take a trip into Manchester to the children's hospital.  We went in on the bus... 
...and shared a chocolate milkshake together.

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