Monday, 4 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child

This year we have put together some shoeboxes full of gifts for Operation Christmas Child. After explaining the idea, we watched some videos together of children receiving their boxes. This led to a discussion about how blessed we are to have a Mummy and Daddy, a house to live in, food and clean water, a Bible in our own language, toys to play with etc. etc. We then located on our globe some of the different countries where the shoeboxes are distributed.
 After reading together the Operation Christmas Child leaflet detailing what to pack in our shoebox, we then made a list and went shopping!
We sorted out our items and made two boxes for girls and one for a boy.
The children made some cards in which they wrote a short message. I printed off a small map of the United Kingdom for them to mark Stockport on, so the child who receives the shoebox would know where it had come from.
It was such a simple thing for us to do, but it has taught our children a little bit about compassion for others and gratefulness for what we have.


  1. These are useful reminder to the children that they have so much. Blythswood also do a shoe box scheme.
    I've linked to your blog in my latest post and added you to the UK Christian home educator blogger post.

    1. That's very kind of you. I have found your blog to be a great resource, especially your book recommendations.