Monday, 28 October 2013

Windy Day

Stormy weather was predicted today, so we decided to have a wind themed day! We started off by watching the weather forecast together on the BBC website. We located where we live on the map of the United Kingdom. Following that, we shared together the book Me on the Map.
Looking in an old Ladybird book we have on the Weather, we discovered how wind speeds are measured using an anemometer, and we made a very simplified version of our own by sewing lengths of ribbon onto a piece of fabric and attaching it to the washing line! Throughout the day the children checked how much the ribbons were blowing and tried to work out the wind force on the Beaufort scale.
We then read together the from the Bible the stories of Jesus calming the storm and God speaking to Elijah after the wind, fire and earthquake.
Using straws the children blew watered down paint, which when dry we...
...laminated and made into windmills.
We read together Postman Pat's Rainy Day
which gave Nathanael and Tabitha some inspiration for writing their own new story entitled "Postman Pat's Windy Day."
Tabitha's handwriting practise today was based on storm vocabulary
whilst Nathanael wrote an acrostic poem about the wind.
Wild, whistling wind.
Inside we stay, out of the wind's way.
Noisy nights, lots of frights.
Destroying trees, foaming seas,
Wild, whistling wind.
We finished the day with a trip to the park to splash in the puddles.

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