Friday, 18 October 2013

Paddington's Guide to Stockport

The story of Paddington is a favourite in our house and when Nathanael saw this book at the library last week, he was keen to borrow it.
Inspired by reading about Paddington visiting the sights of London, Nathanael decided to write his own version, entitled "Paddington's Guide to Stockport."

Front cover
So with Paddington in tow, we went on a tour around some of the sights of Stockport.
We started off at the tourist information centre, picking up some leaflets and maps to use in the making of the book.
Paddington enjoying the market stall at Stockport Story Museum.
Paddington outside St Mary's Church
Paddington enjoying toasted tea cakes with us at the Historic Market Hall!
Nathanael was very keen to make sure that his book was in keeping with the original, copying the style and format of the pages.
"Since arriving in Stockport I was bear friended by Nathanael. He has taken me on lots of outings.
In fact I love Stockport!"
 He hasn't quite finished making the book yet as we have a few more sights to show Paddington, including the Air Raid Shelters, Hat Works and Staircase House.


  1. Ahh, homeschooling at it it's best (and yummy tea cakes all in the bargain!)

  2. This is amazing! Well done Nathanael! It makes me realise how few of these places I visited as a child. Obviously too much time spent in school ;-)

  3. I love it. Well Done. Paddington is a favourite around our house.