Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ancient History - Weeks 1-4

Guest post by Paul (Daddy).
I spend one morning a week, with the two older children teaching them History and German. This is something we really look forward to. Starting this September, we have embarked upon an Ancient History project. We began by looking at how artefacts and objects are useful in providing information about Ancient Civilizations. We recreated an Archaeological Dig, by burying historical objects in the ground, then carefully digging them up... 

Drawing them...
and measuring them.
 Ancient Egypt
Inspired by the Mummies we saw at the Ancient World Exhibition...
the children enthusiastically mummified action men figures with masking tape!
Next we looked at Ancient Writing, specifically Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
We watched some videos giving a basic overview of the Egyptian system of writing http://youtu.be/Xvw6Kn3kwlQ and one on "The Rosetta Stone." http://youtu.be/2iVkW_nToCc
Tabitha and Nathanael attempted to write their own names in this style. They also examined a sheet of papyrus and we talked about the process of making it into paper.  
Over the last few weeks, we have been collecting objects associated with Egypt. We have a toy camel, a scarab beetle, a toy locust, sand and other items that we are going to use in a working model of the Nile river!


  1. Oh, wow. It's a pity I can't come and study with you! Your littl'uns must learn so much this way.