Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sewing with Young Children

Before I had children, I studied for an art degree, specialising in embroidery. Although I
 don't have time to do much of my own work now, I do really enjoy sewing with my children. Here are a few tips for sewing with young children (mine are ages 6 and under)....
  • I have found felt to be the best material for little ones to sew with, and it comes in a variety of lovely colours. We get ours from Hobbycraft for 50p a sheet.
  • Use thick, single stranded embroidery thread.
  • Use a thick, sharp needle. The plastic blunt ones you get for children are no good unless sewing with binca or pre cut holes. Obviously, parental supervision is needed with sharp needles!
  • Cut out the shapes before hand.
  • Running stitch is the easiest stitch to master first.

  • Adding buttons creates a really pretty finished piece. You can pick buttons up cheaply at charity shops; we buy our from Stockport market for a few pence each.
  • Adding a ribbon hoop can turn simple sewing into a decoration.
  • Add wadding to pad out your embroidery when making a 3-D piece.
  •  Purses are very simple to make.
  • Sew in an embroidery hoop to make a special gift.

 Happy sewing!

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