Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our Week

We've had a busy week of appointments plus a birthday celebration so have not done as much formal schooling as usual.

We delivered some gospel leaflets in our local area.
The children were very keen to join in and help post the leaflets.
We have washed and dried lots of dishes... 
 organised letters into alphabetical order,
played a number jumping game
and painted...
...cacti for our cowboy project.
We put the skills we learned in our house project to the test by constructing a building
 out of giant bricks at Legoland Discovery Centre.
Puzzles and games.
Abigail had another visit to the children's hospital, this time for a laryngoscopy under general anaesthetic. We will be back there again in a few weeks for a CAT scan for further investigtions.
Our brave girl.

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