Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cowboy Project

One of the most exciting aspects of Home Education is the fact you are not bound by a set curriculum, but can explore your child's interests and natural desires to learn. Nathanael's current interest is in Cowboys, so we have just completed our latest project on this subject.
 Here are some of the things we have done...
Nathanael had fun lassoing Horatio the horse in the garden.
We located the United States of America on our globe and found the Western states.
(Abigail in cat ears!)

We compiled our work into lapbooks...
Nathanael's lapbook
The above photo shows...
Cactus artwork (cut up coctail sticks for the spikes)
A CAT  Fort book Nathanael made.
Drawings of  a ranch, saloon, rustlers, chuck wagon, Texas Longhorns, bunk house and horse.
Colouring sheets of Cowboys and Indians from the Activity Village.
The above photo shows... 
Nathanael's Sheriff badge
Book of cow facts, in the shape of a cow. Some of the facts Nathanael included were, cows have
4 stomachs and cows give us milk.
Book of Cowboy facts.
Labelled drawing of what a Cowboy wore and why he would have worn them.
Cowboy facts book
Tabitha's lapbook
The above photo shows...
Tabitha's split pin horse, with joints that move.
Sheriff badge
Cowboy facts book and cow facts book.
Billy the Kid WANTED poster, tea stained to make it look old.
Cowboy facts book
 Nathanael got some Wild West Playmobil for his birthday, it has inspired some great games and story telling.
 Some of the books we have shared during this project...
...and a lovely sticker book.

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