Friday, 29 March 2013

Our Week

It's been a cold week, but we've still managed to get out and about and enjoy the snow!

One of our favourite places for a Sunday afternoon walk is Broadbottom.
Our boiler broke down three times this week, which left us without central heating and hot water, but we are fortunate to have a coal fire in the Side Room so school re-located there!
The Battle of Waterloo was the subject of this week's History lesson.
Nathanael's interpretation of events in pictures...
...and Tabitha's.
Abigail was back at the Children's Hospital in Manchester on Tuesday for a CT scan under sedation.
Despite long delays and having to go without food or drink for most of the day, she was a trooper!
Granny stayed at home with three of the children and kept them busy with varied activities,
including Marble Run.
New shoes! An Easter gift from Granny.
As part of our Spring project we visited Reddish Vale Farm.
It was exciting to see the newborn animals.
...Nathanael (the bravest of the children!) feeding a calf.
We had a morning out at a soft play place. How many Young Hosannas can you spot in the ball pool?
Despite all the fun outings we have had this week, we have spent time considering the real meaning of Easter in our school and Bible times.
The sun shone on Stockport on Good Friday as the whole of the Gospel of Mark was read aloud by Paul (Daddy) and free Bibles and Gospel leaflets were given away.

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