Monday, 25 March 2013

Maths Fun

Because Maths is Nathanael's least favourite subject, I have started to plan some practical activities to try and engage his interest.
Over the past week, we have collected data on the emergency vehicles that pass our house.

Here is Nathanael with his tally chart, showing that more ambulances than police cars and fire engines have sped past!

Together we constructed a graph to show the results.




  1. Hope Abigail is OK - what a brave girl. I love Tabitha's drawing of the man in the war with a sad face! I'm trying to place where you are in the Stockport picture - it all looks so different to when I was there!

    1. Hi Julie, hope you and all your family are well. Abigail is fine in herself thanks, she just sounds like a tractor when she gets a cold. She had some hospital stays when she was little because she sometimes needed oxygen, but she can cope with it fine now. They thought she would grow out of it, but she hasn't, so they want to investigate now what is causing it.
      We are down the bottom end of Stockport precinct, near all the banks and Asda and Sainsbury's, if you remember them.
      Love Kirsty x