Sunday, 28 September 2014

Our Week: Lego, Pets and WWI

This week was the last in our 6 week term. The children spent time finishing their current projects. Nathanael completed some Lego challenges...
Putting the Lego bricks into alphabetical order.
Making a symmetrical Lego design.
 Nathanael was inspired by this news report about a container full of Lego shipwrecked in 1997 off the Cornwall coast. Since then, Lego has been washed up on beaches in England, Wales and even Ireland. Nathanael wrote his own newspaper article based upon this.

Tabitha and Abigail made an e-book based on last weeks visit to the garden centre.

They finished off their projects with some explanation writing, giving their opinion on what they think is the best pet to have and why.


 We thoroughly enjoyed watching Over by Christmas, described as a choral commemoration in Cheshire's railway stations featuring words and songs of the Great War. It was a very moving performance, remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom.  It was also a fitting end to our studies on WWI.
We also took a trip to Bury Fusiliers Museum where they have a section dedicated to WWI, the children's favourite being the reconstructed trench.  

Nathanael with a WWI soldier!
 On Friday we had a special time where we laid out all the work the children had completed over the last 6 weeks and invited Daddy and Granny to come and see what they had done! We had a piano piece by Nathanael and watched some of the videos they had made. We also had cake, which was the highlight of the celebration for the children! 

We are having a weeks break before returning to our formal studies and will be starting projects based upon the weather and seasons.


  1. The Fusiliers Museum is very good, we will be returning there soon as part of our WW1 project. They look very proud of their work as they show it yo Grandma - fabulous:)

  2. I love the lego idea!