Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Our Week: Lego and Pets Projects

*I am late posting this, due to my laptop being in for repair.
For Nathanael's current Lego project, he has been researching different themes around the subject. For Science we investigated plastic, the material from which Lego is made. He went on a hunt around the house to find different plastic items.
We found out how to make plastic out of milk and white vinegar
so we made our own.
Nathanael has also been researching Denmark, the country where Lego originated from, and wrote down some facts he found out then made the Danish flag out of Lego.
He has also been finding out about different toys in the past
and we took a trip to a local museum to look at some of their examples of historic toys, the children's favourite being a Zoetrope, an early animation device.
Nathanael has been enjoying experimenting with Lego Movie Maker app on the iPad and made a short animation for his project.
Tabitha and Abigail enjoyed meeting our friend Carole at the park with Buddy her pet dog
and walked him on the lead. They found out about keeping dogs as pets as part of their pets project.
We also visited a local Garden Centre to see the different pets sold there and Tabitha and Abigail are working towards making an e-book about their visit. 

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  1. Lots of fun... You have such wonderful ideas.
    Have a nice day, hugs S.