Saturday, 30 August 2014

Our Week

Our second week of term has flown by. On Monday we discovered that white light is made up of lots of different colours.
Experiment using candle light and a CD to show the different colours of the rainbow.
The girls are enjoying their projects on pets and have been carrying out simple writing activities and puzzles.
Nathanael has been working on his lego project and has made a flow chart documenting how lego is made, researched lego through the years and has been completing lego challenges.
His lego challenge was "What can you make out of 50 lego bricks?"
A Monster of course!
On Wednesday Daddy took the Geography lesson, while I had a morning out. The children spent time finding out about Haiti, where a missionary family live that we support. 
Daddy also helped the children harvest some potatoes and rhubarb from the garden.
In Little Keepers Club, Tabitha and Abigail made fridge magnets to send as gifts to their Great Granny and Auntie Margaret.
On Thursday in music, the children worked upon their production of Oliver! Using iMovies they made a trailer for it. They hope you enjoy it! 
In the afternoon the children made collages of the book of Genesis using the Picture Smart Bible curriculum.
We had a morning out on Friday at Staircase House in Stockport, a restored townhouse with a rare Jacobean cage-newel staircase. They enjoyed writing with quill pens
and exploring the rooms that were decorated as different story books.
Goldilocks and the five bears!
We have built marble runs
and tried to make our own stringed instruments using boxes and elastic bands in our technology lesson.


  1. I love the instruments - they are fabulous. Thanks for linking up to the homeedlinkup

  2. WE love learning with Lego in our house too. This post from my blog has links to lots of ideas of different ways to use Lego educationally. I hope it is some use to you :)