Friday, 22 August 2014

Our Week

 After a three week summer break in which I did a lot of planning and organising, we started back to homeschool this week. Our days have been filled with reading lessons,
piano practise,
and workboxes
which include maths, literacy, spelling and phonics activities.
On Monday we started our Science in the Beginning textbook with a lesson based upon light, taken from Genesis 1:3 "Let there be light."
The children carried out some light investigations
and had fun finding out in the dark cellar that light travels in a straight line and discovering
 how to reflect light using a torch and mirror.
Each day after lunch the children have had project time.
Nathanael is working on his chosen topic of Lego.
and the girls are learning about pets.
On Wednesday the children designed a new park for our local area.
On Thursday they practised some songs from the musical Oliver! and worked on organising props for a play they are producing. We also started our Picture Smart Bible Curriculum, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
On Friday we made percussion instruments out of plastic cups, pasta, rice and lentils. Next week we are going to try to make some stringed instruments out of cardboard boxes and elastic bands.
Having an organised schedule has made this first week back a success.  We still had lots of time for fun at the park
and keeping fit!
Free play time is scheduled in half hour sessions throughout the day.
They are even learning to enjoy helping with household chores (most of the time!)

It has been a good first week back.

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  1. Your schedule sounds good. I need to work on ours especially the afternoons! The mornings worked well, last year, and just need tweaking but the afternoons need more work and a more flexible schedule.