Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our Week

Our morning routines are the same every school day. After breakfast, chores and quiet reading we have our Morning Bible Time. At the moment we are studying the book of Mark together.

We then move onto workboxes for Nathanael, Tabitha and Abigail, which are prepared with their maths, literacy, spelling, phonics and handwriting activities.  Some of these tasks are designed to be done independently whilst others need my input and support. In this session Nathanael also does some piano practice and Tabitha reads aloud to me.
This week the weather has been really lovely, so we have made the most of the sunshine and visited some local parks.
We have been given a tent, which we tried out in the garden, and we are planning an overnight family camp at a local site. We are not anticipating much sleep! Picnic lunches outside have been so much more exciting under canvas. Afternoons have been spent listening to 'The Secret Island' by Enid Blyton which I have read aloud to them. It was a favourite of mine as a child and the children have enjoyed it as much as I did!
On Wednesday we attended a superb music workshop at Gateway called "Sounds Like . . . The Far East". A hands-on musical journey around China and Indonesia.
As well as listening to music from those countries they had the opportunity to compose their own tunes. 
At the workshop we watched a clip showing an Indonesian shadow puppet performance and the children came home keen to make their own version of it.  They made a puppet theatre following these instructions. The children found it interesting that the shadows became smaller when they held their puppets further away from the light source.
The shadow puppeteers...
In History the children are currently working on a World War I project to mark the centenary year.
History books - War in the Air.

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  1. Hello and thank you for linking up to this weeks # homeedlinkup.
    Isn't the weather just right for Enid Blyton? We are reading the 'Faraway Tree' series often on a picnic blanket too:)
    The workshop looks wonderful - I'd be delighted to find something similar here but it's unlikely I think.
    I'm really wondering if work boxes might be the way forward for my youngest - hmmm. I'll be giving this some consideration:)