Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Life Lately

Summer has finally arrived! We all thoroughly enjoyed our monthly Nature Study at a local country park. The ducklings and goslings were a delight to see.
On Family Day we went to see the From Street to Trench exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North.
Tabitha and Nathanael made a windmill each for the garden in the shape of a fish at their Maker Fun workshop.
We have had afternoons at the park...
..and mornings exploring the countryside.

I have had a big sort out of all our homeschool resources and curriculum. I came across a Five in a Row manual that I had forgotten about, so we have very much enjoyed using it this week and studying the book  "Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey. 
After reading the book and watching a google earth video of the route of the ducks took around Boston, we made our own maps of their journey.
Miriam drawing her map
Nathanael's map
 We also tried to copy some of the illustrations from the book, recreating shading effects, speed lines and lines indicating water.
Nathanael has been so inspired by the story that he has written his own version of the book, based on sights around Stockport.
Illustrating his book.
 We have had fun building with gears,
played some educational games on the computer
and got the paddling pool out in the garden.
Even though the water was only about two inches deep they still managed to enjoy themselves. We have no garden hose; it was a laborious job filling it up with tubs of water from the kitchen tap, so that was all I could manage!
I am busy making plans for the next academic year. Its hard to believe Abigail will be officially school starting age in September. Where has the time gone?!

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