Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Heart - Human Body Project

As a continuation of our project on the Human Body, we have focused on the heart.
The body contains 5.2 litres of blood, so as a practical Maths activity
 the children measured out that amount of water.
We borrowed a water pump from the Gateway library, constructed it and discussed how the function of the heart is to pump blood around the body. We first tried to take our pulses when resting and then after exercise.  This was harder than I imagined and I only managed to find Nathanael's pulse. There was no way that they could find each others! Since that experiment was a bit of  flop, we spent the time talking about how the heart beats faster when active, to supply the body with oxygenated blood and we clapped the rhythm of resting and active heartbeats.
Nathanael wrote up what he had learned about the heart and Tabitha did some handwriting practice.

Looking at the artist Jim Dine, we created some heart paintings in his style.
With my younger children, we used this opportunity to revise the heart shape and the colours red and pink. I also made a simple Maths heart game for them to play in the garden, where they matched numbers to spots.
To finish off, we baked heart shaped biscuits.


  1. I bet they'll always remember their heart study - what a fun day!

  2. I love to see what you have been doing through the weeks, it's like a little window into your lives, thank you for sharing it with us.