Saturday, 4 May 2013

Our Week

The sun has been shining this week and we have had been making the most of it. We have enjoyed visiting some local parks and had our first picnic of the year! Yum!


We have been taking a little break from schooling these last two weeks while our decluttering and spring cleaning projects were still ongoing. The aim is to be back onto our full school schedule next week.  However the children were keen to keep up with their History lessons, learning about The Charge of the Light Brigade
and Missionary David Livingstone.
Abigail and I took a trip to the Children's Hospital in Manchester to see the cardiologist. The diagnosis for her heart condition is Double Aortic Arch. Thankfully, it doesn't require immediate surgery like we were first told, but she is going to be watched carefully over the next few months and then a decision will then be made with the cardiologists at Alder Hey Children's Hospital as to what treatment she will require.
For a bit of fun, this is how the children like to entertain themselves, stair sliding races!
Abigail is always the winner! (If video doesn't show click here.)



  1. Hey, we used to slide down our stairs when we were children but we used a silky sleeping bag...quite dangerous really and not recommended!
    Glad you're having a fun filled week x

  2. Kirsty, I have enabled a "contact me" e-mail address on my blog. If you don't mind, could we use this? Just drop me a line and I'll answer anything you ask :)