Tuesday, 3 March 2015

January and February

Over the last few weeks we have been busy working on our current project on Brazil. The children and I have enjoyed learning about this country and I feel we are progressing well.

I hope to write another post soon detailing all that we have done on this project.

We had some snow in January and the children were very excited to get out the sledges. Elisabeth didn't enjoy it so much so she and I retreated to the warmth of a nearby café whist the other children took turns sledging down the hills with Daddy.

During the school half term holiday we had fun decorating and eating biscuits at a special event arranged for Valentines Day.

We took a trip to Bury Fusiliers Museum where the children dressed up in military costumes.

 Nathanael enjoyed a day out in Manchester with his Granny and visited the Cathedral, John Rylands library and the huge Waterstones bookshop, always a favourite to browse around.
A highlight of the month for Nathanael was having a loft bed built in his small bedroom. This means he has doubled the space in his room which enables him to build Lego on his new desk below his bed.
Another interesting day was spent in Liverpool joining with other home educators to attend a performance for schools by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
We were seated in the boxes at the side of the hall and the children enjoyed listening to the live performance.

We also visited Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, which is an incredible building, and explored a contemporary art exhibition there based on the Bible.

Another highlight of the month was our home education meeting where the children presented a book review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Despite flurries of snow and cold winds, we are glad that Spring is finally here and we are looking forward to sunnier weather!

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  1. Kirsty, you have done so much! I will be interested to see the details for your unit on Brazil as we are hoping to do some country studies next year.