Friday, 23 January 2015

Geography Fun at Home Education Group

Today we travelled around the world at our Christian Home Education group. Each family created a display based upon a country they had been studying and also organised an activity for the other children to join in with. We chose China.
At our table we made a paper dragon craft and tried to pick up and eat a sweet using chopsticks.
We visited Australia and found out about the different animals that live there. There was also Vegemite to taste! 
The children built Eiffel Towers out of straws and marshmallows in our visit to France and found out about the artist Monet.
At the Italian table they learned about the language and different foods eaten in that country, and saw a model of Mount Vesuvius. 
The children discovered some interesting facts about Zambia and watched a slide show of images from this family's recent visit.
It was a fun day, with games from different countries played and lots of sharing of ideas. We are very thankful for such a lovely group of friends.

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  1. I've been thinking about ways of learning about other countries. This has given me some ideas.