Saturday, 12 July 2014

Our Week

The weather has been beautiful and whilst we have been continuing with our morning workboxes, we have spent most of our days outside. On Monday we had a musical start to the week,
playing on the percussion instruments at the park! 
Shaking the shakers!
On Wednesday we visited a new to us park in Glossop and the children and I had fun paddling in the stream. Even though it was a really warm day, the water was freezing, but the children were not deterred.
 With Granny's help we made a den in the woods at Lyme Park on Thursday
and ate our picnic lunch inside it.
As the weather was so lovely, we made a last minute decision to go camping that evening at a local campsite. It was the girls first time camping, and excitement was running very high so we didn't get much sleep but a great time was had by all.
The children enjoyed playing on a park near the campsite, way past their bedtime!
Another day, another park, this is one of our favourite places, Tittesworth Reservoir, Leek.
We were there for our annual Postal Bible School BBQ. Tabitha was pleased to be awarded with a certificate for completing 12 lessons.


  1. Lovely photos. Glad to see you are out and about and enjoying yourselves. What lovely parks! Happy birthday to your little one. What day of July was she born on? Maybe we share our birthdays. Mine's on the 5th :)
    Blessings, S

    1. Nice to hear from you Sofia. Yes you share Birthdays! Hope you had a nice day x

  2. I love outdoor musical equipment. We have some at our local park too.

  3. Oops sorry meant that to be a new comment not a reply. Also my name is Gemma, not Glen!

    1. Hi Gemma, sorry I didn't get your first comment.