Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Life Lately

In History, the children have completed their topic on Ancient Greece.
Tabitha's vase and map of Greece
Nathanael's vase
Greek Clothes designed by Nathanael
Modern Olympic Games
Abigail's Olympic wreath
Super scary Greek shields in the making

In Science, we have started a new topic on life cycles and have been given some tadpoles to observe from our good friend Pat. The children are really looking forward to having frogs as pets!

Nathanael's page on the life cycle of a butterfly

Tabitha's butterfly life cycle.

Life cycle of a chicken

From acorn to oak tree

We have planted sunflowers, beans and potatoes in the garden...

Tabitha is progressing well with her reading, with the incentive of a pound to spend at the poundshop when she has completed her reading chart.

Tabitha checking her chart to see how many more books she has to read before she gets her pound!

Nathanael attended a Maker workshop, where he designed and made a spaceship for a Lego man with LED light effects.  

As a family we have been out and about enjoying the spring weather.

On top of the world!

Miniature railway

We have just finished our study of Joshua in our morning Bible time and are starting some Easter themed readings. I have got some Easter art and craft activities planned for next week and we hope to visit a farm to tie in with Tabitha and Abigail's current farm animal project.

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