Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ireland Week!

After the success of our Wales week, we decided to virtually visit another country, this time Ireland.
We located Ireland on the map, coloured in its flag and found out some facts. We also located Northern Ireland, coloured in its flag and discovered some of the differences between the two countries.
 After reading a book we got out from the library on Ireland, Nathanael, Tabitha and Abigail made collages on the country in the shape of a shamrock.

They really enjoyed seeing the beauty of God's creation in this video of Ireland from above
...breath taking!
For some reading practise, I wrote down a few words associated with Ireland and the children drew pictures to go with them.
In history with Daddy the children learnt about the Potato Famine, the Easter uprising of 1916 and how the history of both provinces has been preserved in the music and art of Ireland.

Nathanael used Microsoft Word to type up some Ireland facts

and we spent time discussing the similarities and differences between England and Ireland.
We all had a go at Irish dancing and made soda bread which we enjoyed eating with jam and butter!

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  1. Lovely Ireland! And some delicious soda bread. How did you all do, dancing? I bet that was fun!