Friday, 3 January 2014

Curriculum Update

One of the great things about Home Education is that you do not have to be tied into a set curriculum, but can change and adapt to suit each individual child. With this in mind, I have dropped a few things off our proposed plan for 2013-2014 and added some extras. The additions are in red.

For Nathanael 6 and Tabitha 5 (years 2 and 1) 
and any of the younger children who want to join in!


Postal Bible School
Go Teach - Come and Learn
Walk thru the Bible
Morning Bible Time and related projects
Read aloud missionary books
Memory Verses and Hymn Singing
*Time Travellers Club


MEP Maths. This is new for us this year.
Schofield and Sims workbooks
Maths Games
Life of Fred
*Granny's retirement gift was an iPad, which she kindly allows us to use and it has added an interactive and engaging dimension to maths lessons. Each child has a 15 minute session a day using either IXL, Primary Maths Skill Builders ages 4-8 or Maths  3-5 and 4-6 from EuroTalk apps.


The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and lots of library books!


All About Spelling
Andrew Brodie Spelling for Literacy
*We have also been doing look, cover, write, check method to learn the 100 key words.


Schofield and Sims Handwriting Practice 1 and 2
Various workbooks and worksheets
Copy work from the Bible, poetry and in relation to current project.


Lots of different projects and lapbooks, using their interest as a spring board. Past projects have included Cowboys, Houses and The Human Body.
*This term Nathanael has started a project on London and Tabitha and Abigail have started a project on farm animals. I have been getting lots of ideas from Pinterest.
Poem memorisation.
I plan to dip in and out of First Language Lesson, Writing with Ease, Comprehension Activities, Scolastic Literacy Hours, Andrew Brodie Improving Comprehension, Collins First School Dictionary Skills and numerous worksheets I have collected.


Related learning and experiments tied into our current project.
*We have thoroughly enjoyed our project last term on Water and are staring a new science topic on Forces.
365 Science Experiments, Big Book of Science things to Make and Do, No Fuss Science Photocopiables, Junior Illustrated Science Dictionary.


We are going to do a project throughout the year based upon an A-Z of Britain. In retrospect, I feel that this is too abstract for the children to start with, so we have changed to studying our local area, working outwards to our town and eventually onto England and the United Kingdom.
Me on the map, Usborne Sticker Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland, Usborne Children's Atlas of Britain.


Weekly lessons of History are going to continue with their Daddy focusing in September on Ancient History. Resources are Ancient World, Lost Civilizations - Time Life Books and various internet and YouTube videos.
*We picked up a second hand copy of the Story of the World, activity book one, which has been a great resource and the children are moving on this term from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece.
Lots of visits to museums and historical buildings.


Rosetta Stone
*and simple oral activities such as numbers and greetings.


Usborne First Book of Music, DK A Young Person's Guide to Music, The Story of the Orchestra
Recorder lessons from Recorder from the Beginning
Piano lessons from Tunes for Ten Fingers

Art and design

Katie books, A Children's Book of Art, Usborne Art Sticker Book, You can Draw, visits to Art Galleries and lots of opportunities to create their own art.
Simple sewing lessons and woodwork.


*iPad maths apps
BBC Touch Typing
Lessons in how to use Microsoft word.


Hopefully lots of walks in the country, games in the garden, visits to our local parks and swimming pool.

Home Economics

Baking, cooking and cleaning lessons. Little Keepers and Contenders, The River Cottage Family Cookbook, Kids' First Cookbook.


We have enjoyed some lovely walks lately and spent time identifying birds and wildlife. I intend to build upon this, visiting the same place every month, to document in their new nature journals the changes in season, birds spotted, flowers identified etc.

Sounds like its going to be a fun year!

"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;
and great shall be the peace of thy children."
Isaiah 54:13


  1. I love looking at other people's curriculum and you have reminded me that I need to change our Time Travellers membership from my 13 year to my 7 year old.

    1. I got the idea for the Time Travellers Club from your resources page. You are a great source of information!