Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nathanael's Ships and Sailors Lapbook (6 years old)

Nathanael has been keen for a while to do a project on Ships and Sailors, so over the summer he has spent time working on it.  He has read various non-fiction and fiction books on the subject.

Lapbook front cover
Inside lapbook with flaps down. On the left are some mini books Nathanael made on Noah's Ark and the Titanic. On the right is a poem he wrote, inspired by J. M. W Turner's painting the Fighting Temeraire.
The Ship's Death
by Nathanael
Bang! Blistering cannons
Bite holes in ships
In Trafalgar's battle.
Brave Temeraire.
Now the saddest day of all
It's being led away
To its death today.
Poor fighting Temeraire.

Inside the lapbook a labelled drawing of a Galleon, some sentences about Viking Ships and drawings of the front covers of Christopher Columbus and Treasure Island books he read.

Ship art work with question and answer flaps.
 Together we read a lot of books on this subject, so I have included the links to the books I got from Amazon, in case it is useful to anyone.
Usborne book of Ships
Katie and the British Artists (for information on Turner's paintings)

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  1. Very interesting lapbook, and lots of hard work done there. Well done! Kirsty, you have a very artistic family!