Sunday, 16 June 2013

Our Week

This week in History Morning, the children looked at George V and the start of World War I. They watched video clips and listened to selected songs from the musical "Oh, What a Lovely War!" After  discussion, the children wrote and drew in their History books as usual and experimented with collage and mixed media.

Our Morning Bible time is continuing in the book of Exodus
Nathanael has been working on a book on the ten plagues of Egypt.
In addition, the children are revising their Ten Commandment memory verse and song and are learning the actions from Walk Thru the Old Testament in the book of Exodus.
Tabitha and Abigail have both got new handwriting books and have enjoyed completing the first few pages from them. They are also both having regular lessons from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.
Abigail's first attempts at handwriting.
As usual we have had library trips and, inspired by a book on Victorians we borrowed, Nathanael made himself a top hat. It has generated lots of imaginary games.
Daddy celebrated his birthday this week and we took the children ten pin bowling for the first time
and visited Bruntwood Park.
The Young Hosannas and Daddy Hosanna on the Helter Skelter slide...


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  1. Your little ones must know more about British history than I do ;)
    God bless.