Saturday, 20 April 2013

Our Week

This week we have enjoyed spending time with friends, going on our family day out to Eureka! and adventuring in the woods.

Continuing with our Human Body project, we drew around Tabitha
on to a large sheet of paper and labelled the positions of her organs.

The children measured their hand spans using squared paper.
In History, the children had their knowledge tested with a quiz which inspired Nathanael to make his own History board game.
Sharing a book with Granny at the library.
This week we got Abigail's CT scan results and they show she needs surgery to correct the blood vessels to her heart. We are waiting for a date, but expect it to be in the next few weeks at
Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. It is going to be a complex procedure, but we are trusting our little girl to God's care.


  1. Thank you for sharing another week, it really blesses me to read what all of you have been doing.
    And we pray Lord God that you will oversee and direct the doctors involved in Abigail's care and give them the skills needed to rectify the blood vessels to her heart. I thank you Lord that we are all precious to You and You care for us from the youngest to the oldest, in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Smiles and muddy behinds! Beautiful England! What a luxury to be able to meet Granny in the library:) We are praying that little Abigail will come through her surgery well and that God will guide the ways of the family and medical staff involved. Keep trusting in Him.